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Human Resources (SDM) is the core of a business operation, which is why the proper management of human resources is vital in order to achieve your business objectives. TMP HR is here to ensure your daily business activities are performed effectively and efficiently by putting the right person on the right seat as according to your business needs.

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HR Needs Analysis and Consultation

Get the answers you need for your business's Human Resources problem.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Assessment

TMP HR’s service to review and assess the effectiveness of your current business SOP, or develop a new SOP to further improve your business productivity.

Payroll Services

Ensure the payroll of employees are performed correctly as in accordance with the applicable government regulation and company objectives.‍

BPJS Services

Social Healthcare (BPJS) Service

Employee Recruitment Services

‍TMP HR’s recruitment service to find the most suitable employees with your business objectives, mission, and long-term vision.

Performance Management System Development

Developing simple and easy-to-use performance tracker and measurement tools to aid the evaluation of the key performance indicators of your employees.

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What They Say About TMP

"A very significant business partner"

We have already been working with TMP’s service for more than 1 year to cover our tax-related reports. We see TMP as a highly approachable team and they have been a great help for us who just started our business. We can now be more focused to do our business activities without worrying about tax or any other financial reporting.

Lizzie Parra
BLP Beauty

“More structured and seamless business”

TMP truly supports us as business people especially on the financial statement and tax reporting side. It makes our business process smoother and become more well-structured with tax reporting processes all accounted for.

Adinda Tri Wardhani
Kala Studio

"Partnering with TMP is one of the best business decision ever"

For SME such as Panmomo, budget limitation is one of our biggest obstacles to have our own accounting division. We need a highly-experienced and solid team to develop an accurate financial report and tax accounting in time. TMP saves us in that aspect with satisfactory results and quality. In addition, the insight gathered by the TMP team is really beneficial to ensure our company keep growing healthily. It is really one of our best business decisions to partner with TMP.

Pindy Muliadi

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