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Financial Report
3.7 out of 4.0*
Service value based on customer survey June 2022
Our Mission

Supporting the business development of small-middle enterprises to achieve their business objectives by providing highly-accurate financial numbers with sheer precision.

Our Values

The value we bring in every step we take

Data Driven

We aim to assist our clients business decision-making process by providing insights that can be proven by analyzing data points thus unlocking future opportunities and optimized current business operations .


Continuously innovating the best business solution and practices to support the development of our client’s business.


Maintaining a high standard of ethics and honesty through all of our words and actions, while consistently referring to the highest professional standard through all decision making processes.

High accuracy

Provide only the correct information based on highly-accountable data and records.


Committing to the excellent standard of work and ensuring client’s satisfaction and their trust for us.

Our team

The Professional Experts Ready to Support the Growth of Your Business

Our Story



Launching Integrated Solution for Retail Business & Service Business

As the business evolves with the current situation, we are also adapting with it through our innovative solution. 


Introducing Human Resource and Legal Service Solution, More Than 400% Growth.

Departing from the desire to serve SME business and startups further. We grew up with our clients.


TMP was first established.

From a modest 4x3m room, we start our journey by providing an accounting solution for SME business.